What is Documentary Family Photography?

Documentary family photography is very different from traditional family photography in that I don’t direct or ask you to pose in a certain way. It’s purely an observation and documentation of what happens in the moment, without any interference from me. It’s similar to the work of a photojournalist, with the element of storytelling.

The results are real, sometimes raw, but always authentic photographs of your family in their day to day life. By taking the time to be with your family, and disappearing into the background as an observer I can capture the intimate moments, those little moments of your life that usually get lost.

Why do I think it’s important?

Your day to day actions and activities tell a lot about you and your family that you can’t capture in formal photos. Documentary photography is a way to capture these fleeting moments that otherwise never get to be seen again.

Also do I think that we need to see more of the realness that now usually gets hidden behind make-up, new clothes and filters. I think it is important that we are able to see our lives as beautiful just as is, and that it’s worthy to be seen and captured. Even when it’s messy. 


I want to help you see beyond the surface, and show you that your life is beautiful just as it is.

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