About me

As a mom, and a photographer I have hard drives full of photos of my kids. But 1 thing I realized is that the photos that I enjoy most, that I look at over and over again, are the ones on my phone that happened spontaneously, unexpectedly and unplanned. It was right after I cleaned up the mess from our morning breakfast and my youngest daughter started to dance. Or right before we put on our shoes to go for a walk. It’s never at those big and planned events, like birthdays or weddings where they, yes, were beautifully dressed, but smiled awkwardly in fixed unnatural poses.

I discovered that the most precious memories are the ones that happen in those in-between moments. 

It’s where our most natural, real, sometimes raw, but always truthful and authentic selves show up. It’s where we find kindness, tenderness and intimate moments of affection. 

When you look back at your life (just scroll down your photo roll) aren’t those the ones that bring a smile (or tear) on your face and warm your heart? 

As your documentary family photographer I want to show you the beauty of your everyday life. 

Because there is so much beauty in the ordinary. 

You think brushing your teeth with your kids is boring, not something to capture on camera? Let me challenge you and show you that your life is far from boring.

I love helping people see that their life is beautiful, exactly as it is. That we don’t need new clothes, make-up, filters or special poses, to create memories. My goal is to give you the most authentic story of your family, in a series of beautiful, natural and artistic images. Memories of real moments that you can enjoy over and over again.

Are you interested in working with me? Click on any of the stories under here, or go to my portfolio to have a look at my work.  Already want to book with me? Go to my contact page and fill in the form and I will contact you as soon as possible.